January 20th, 2006


Five of one, 41.6% * a dozen of the other

I went by Fry's last night to get a extension cable for my monitor. I'd measured the distance from where i wanted my comptuer to be to where the monitor needed to be able to go and figured i either needed to get a 15' male to female cord (so i could use the three foot cord that came with my monitor as well) or a 20' male to male cord.

Which of course means that they had a 15' male to male and a 25' male to female =P I considered getting the 15' cord and seeing if i it would stretch just barely far enough, but i finally decided to play it safe and get the 25' cord, giving me a grand total of about 28', 10 more than i really need. I hope the extra 10' and the extra crossover between plugs doesn't degrade the signal too much.

And since i was there anyways i also picked up Stargate season 7 to fill in the gap in my box sets :) I also considered getting a new DVD player since they had the JVC one that got recomended to me awhile ago, but it looks like the multi-region and PAL->NTSC conversion is an aftermarket modification done by a lot of online retailers and not something you get out of the box if you get it from a place like Fry's or Best Buy, but it's kind of hard to be sure. That would explain why it sells in stores for $70-$80 but the multi-region, PAL->NTSC one costs about $130 online.

Yay! Windows Updates are almost done being installed! *goes off to reboot*
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