December 29th, 2005


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I finally bit the bullet and bought a new computer last night. Well, sorta bought.

While playing around with the Dell website i noticed that on the checkout form they had a space for putting in coupon codes. After a quick google search i managed to find several websites listing current Dell coupons and i found one that was 30% off for the kind of computer i was looking at, a lot better than the $200 that Dell offered everyone (unfortunatly you can't do _both_ at the same time =)

That brought the price of the Dell down to $950 with shipping, again with no flatscreen. I decided it would be easier to get the dell and buy a flatscreen sometime later when i see a good deal than to get the $900 Compaq, buy a copy of Win XP Pro (probably about $150,) wipe the system and reinstall. Then at the last minute i decided that i might as well get a McAffe subscription since having zero virus protection these days is probably unwise, so the finaly price of the computer with tax shipping and everything came out to about $1100. After the last minute editions i think the 30% coupon saved me about $412, as opposed to the $200 plus a 4% employee discount. (Oh yeah, the 30% coupon didn't seem to combine well with the employee discount either.)

Unfortunatly i decided to try signing up for a "Dell Prefered Account," since the same website i got the coupons off of claimed you could get another small discount if you used one of those. However that means they need to check my credit rating so although the order is confirmed the actual processing is awaiting the outcome of the Dell Prefered Account =P

Anyways, i'll just copy paste the details of the computer from the order status page...

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Hmm, and lots of extra bits of stuff in there which they didn't give me a choice about but didn't officially charge me for. Er, wait, "Thank you buying Dell $0"? "Thank you for choosing Dell $0"? That's pretty dumb :)
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