December 28th, 2005


My horse is smarter than i am

I'm in the middle of three games right now. As in i actually played all three last night, this isn't counting things like Advance Wars DS or Tales of Symphonia which i'm taking a short break from to play new stuff, or Zelda Ocarina of Time and Tales of Destiny, which i'm going to get back to someday, really :)

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Then after madduckdes headed home i played some Castlevania DS while listening to coraa and jmpava play Civ4. They finally added the music back to the opening like they had in the first Civ! They also have Leonard Nimor as the narator which is just funny :) I so need to get a copy of that. And a computer to play it on. It looks like i can get a reasonable deal on a Dell right now for $1100, with "free" shipping. However that's with no monitor. Dell with no monitor for $1100 vs Compaq with 17" LCD but with Windows XP Media edition instead of XP Pro for $900? Seems like it would almost be better to get the Compaq and buy my own copy of Win XP Pro and just wipe the computer completly and reinstall.

Of course as i'm trying to make this decision we just had a _third_ Dell computer at work literally undergo meltdown, complete with a shutdown message about a "thermal event." They claim this is a "known issue." I sure hope "known issue" means "we figured it out after releasing that batch and fixed it in the newer computers" and not "we figured out what the problem is and decided not to worry about it," or "yeah, that's part of our incentive program to get the long term warranty." :)