December 2nd, 2005


Free Stuff

So about a week from now i'm planning on moving most of the big stuff in my apartment. Actually, i'm planning on getting rid of most of the big stuff in my apartment. I still need to check with Goodwill to see what they'll accept, but the rest of it is, uh going to a dump or something? Unless anyone wants any of the following: (And note that none of the stuff is in any kind of condition that could be called new) The one condition on claiming most of these things is that you have to come pick it up and transport it yourself, so i don't really expect any takers :)

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There're two more items i haven't decided about yet, my microwave, and my old futon. (Yes, i do own three beds.) I'd certainly be happy to own the microwave out again (When morna was moving out of her place she told me she still had my microwave, to which i responded, "i own a microwave?" :)

I've also got a stack of books i need to give away or sell to a used bookstore or something. These are actually all new hardbacks, they're SFBC books that i didn't actually mean to get but ended up with anyways cause i wasn't paying attention =P

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One might think from this that SFBC does a lot of Star Wars books. Well, they do, but not nearly as many as it seems. A lot of times when i forget to tell them not to send my the monthly stuff it actually turns out to be something interesting, so these are just the dregs of the dregs from my personal tastes.

Dell confuses me

Profgreg pointed out to me that our company has an employee discount program for Dell since it buys so many Dell computers. Unfortunatly they've changed the deal slightly from when he got his computer. It used to be a straight 10% discount, but now it ranges from 4% to 12% depending on how expensive the computer is and what kind of service plan you want to get. Since i'm planning on getting a cheap computer and the minimum service package i fall in the 4% range =P

I tried making a computer from their cheapest line and it came out to somewhat reasonably prices, about $1000 with a free LCD, however it didn't have an option for a graphics card. So i tired going up to the next level and picked almost exactly the same stuff and instead of being $100 more it came out to $1400 and something =P

Costco Compaq Presario SR1675C-B - $899.99
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Compaq SR1030-Z ($359.99 base price)
$759.98 (without LCD)
$699.98 (after rebates)

$1009.97 (with LCD)
$899.97 (after rebates)
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Dell Dimension E310 ($599 base price)
$993 modified (with free LCD)
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Dell Dimension E510 ($807 base price)
about $1500 modified =P (discounted LCD)
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Gateway S-5200D ($599.99 base price)
$909.98 (no LCD)
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So the Compaq is still looking pretty tempting. And not that it's a deciding factor or anything, but the Compaq 9 in 1 memory card thing looks pretty cool, and it has two extra USB ports on it :)

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Oops, forgot an item on the free stuff list:

1 CD tree/rack thing. One of those vertical wire ones which is akward to use, doesn't hold anything but standard sized CDs, and is horribly space inefficient. You want it! You know you do!
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