November 26th, 2005


a silly superstition

aka a poor man's feng shui

I can fit 8 boxes in the back of my car pretty easily. 12 boxes works just fine as long as i don't mind my rear view being cut off a little along the bottom. I can fit four boxes in the back seat easily. I could probably get up to about eight or ten if i didn't mind getting jabbed in the back if i ever needed to stop quickly.

I decided not to overdo it this trip though and just took 16 boxes down to HB, which is about half my games and DVDs and maybe between a third and a half of my books. Did some cleaning when i got down there, need to remember to bring some real cleaning stuff tomorrow though since the bathroom is a little scuzzy. Well, the bathroom itself isn't too bad, but the sink counter has some weirdly colored stuff encrusted on it =P

After taking a better look at my bedroom i'm not quite sure how to arrange things in it. For starters i'm slightly offput that as far as i can tell, without access to a compass anyways, this seems to be the first apartment, house or room i've ever lived in that isn't cardinally aligned.

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