November 23rd, 2005



Got up at 4:30 this morning, left the apartment about 6:30, got to the car shop at 7:45 and then got to sit around till they opened at 8.

They changed the oil and tightened the belts (which some seemed to be causing the squeaking of the wheels when they turned a lot, though i'm not sure how that worked) but couldn't find anything else wrong with it and weren't sure what the noise i described meant. They ended up having me drive one of the mechanics around to demonstrate what the noise was. They decided that it wasn't part of the engine, but rather something in the paneling of the car. I'm not sure how that works either, but they said it was okay to drive it the way it was and i should come back at some point when i could leave it for a whole day. They said that kind of problem might take an hour to find or might take all day, they couldn't be sure. I just hope they're right about the it being okay to drive part =P

Finally finished up there about 10 and got to work at 11, so with the OT from monday and tuesday i need to stay till 5 today. Of course i'm not sure i want to try braving the 91, the 605 and the 210 at 5pm the day before thanksgiving :)
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