November 21st, 2005



My car has started making funny scrapping noises whenever it get up to about 65 mph, or at slightly lower speeds if the car bounces a lot from anything.

Obviously i need to take it into the shop, but i'm not sure when i should do that, especially since my "regular" mechanic is in Costa Mesa/Irvine. Which wouldn't have been quite so inconvenient in a week or two but rather sucks now. If i'm really lucky they'll be open on friday so i don't need to worry about work, presuming that it's okay to keep driving the car at the moment as long as i keep it to low speeds =/ However i suspect that i'm probably going to have to end up taking it in tuesday or wednesday morning and make up the time later.
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Got nothing at all done sunday morning. I had been hoping to pack a little bit more but didn't get around to it.

A group of us had arranged a trip to Harry Potter so i headed out to that about 1. I was slightly worried when i started seeing signs about the ramp to the 22 being closed, but turns out it was only for the eastbound lanes.

I got slightly confused trying to figure out where the theatre was when i got to the mall, and since i ran into a jamba juice i decided to stop there and get a snack before the movie started while i called up the others to get a better idea of where the theatre was hidden (which turned out to be right around the corner =P )

When i got to theatre i was surprised to see that kialyn and coraa's (soon to be (ex)) roommate had shown up as well. Kinda wish i'd know that ahead of time, if i had i would have tried to get there earlier. In fact just skipping the jamba juice would have given me about three times as much time to talk to kailyn since they let us into the theatre almost as soon as i got there =P

Harry Potter was good, i'll try and remember to post more thoughts about it later.

After the movie kialyn had to run off to help finish up the packing but 2gouda4u, thegreatgonz, coraa, jmpava and i decided to go hang out and watch some Last Exile. We had dinner at Chipotle (despite having all had some of the 50 cent popcorn and 50 cent pop they were selling at the theatre to celebrate their opening) which i'd never been to before and was very yummy. Although i was surprised that they didn't actually have any chipotle salsa. How silly of them.

Got through about six episodes of Last Exile, which takes me one episode past what i've seen before, yay! Then went home and went to bed right away since i wanted to get into work early today.
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