November 13th, 2005


You are all allowed to laugh at me now

Back from chores and stuff. The apartment still smells like a whole lotta mint *opens windows and turns on fan*

There a lot of unmoving black spots in the lighting fixture :( I hope the mint spray scared away more wasps than it killed :(

Went to Costco for lunch and then made the mistake of looking at the DVDs. Having just ascertained which Disney DVDs i do and do not have, i picked up Mulan and Finding Nemo. Then i got the Stargate Season 8 box set, only to find when i got home that although i've seen a fair number of episodes from season 7, i do not actually have the DVDs for it yet. *sigh* need to make another trip at some point.

Went be a local PC store and priced a whole bunch of parts, now i need to go peruse the various computer seller websites and figure out if i want to buy a whole computer or make one (or more likely, get one made) from parts.

Then cleaned out about 90% of the junk in the trunk of my car. Yay!


Trying to get my Amazon wishlist updated for my parents. While poking around on amazon i've found such interesting things as

Fire Emblem - "List Price $49.99, Price $49.88, You save $0.11 (0%)"
Civilization 4 - "Choose from 2 different possible leaders - each with their character traits & personal strengths" Badly worded _and_ just plain wrong, what more can you ask for?
and We Love Katamari seems to be listed twice, PS2 We Love Katamari is $29.99, and We Love Katamari (Playstation 2) is $29.88 (You save $0.11! (0%)"