November 8th, 2005



I decided to go to bed early and get up early so i could study the various election issues. But instead i'm poking at the cute avatar creator that akiko linked =P

However i think i'm going to have to stop now. I can't get all the accessory tabs to load properly so there's some items i can't use. In particular the "Lower" tab remains stubbornly blank, ie it won't let my avatar wear any pants =P
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Okay, i've read most of the "Official Voter Information Guide," (i just kinda skimmed over most of the in depth analysis of the actual text of the proposed changes) and i've got just one really important question left right now.

Aren't there supposed to be some _people_ to vote on as well, not just things? Is that not the case since it's a "special" election, or were the people covered in some other guide that i either misplaced or never recieved? I'm going to feel really dumb if i get down to the polling place and have to not vote on a lot of stuff cause i don't know anything about it =/

The only other thing i'm not fairly sure of is which to vote for on 79 vs 78. I'm leaning towards 79 just out of a general distruct of large corporations, but that's not really the soundest of deciding factors to go with. Unfortunatly the two bills seem fairly similar except one group has the corporations screaming "this one will work! the other one will never work! it sucks!" and the other has a bunch of non corporations screaming "this one will work! the other one will never work! it sucks!"

Anyways, off i go to vote and work and stuff.
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I have a new apartment! And a roommate!

Well, i will in a little less than a month anyways. coraa's roommate is moving out in a few weeks so she needed to find a new one, and i won :) And in a bizarre quasi-coincidence the reason he's moving out is so he can go to Tennessee and move in with Kialyn. This has got to be the biggest benefit i'll ever get from an ex hooking up with a new(ish) SO.

The only downside to this is that now i actually need to get around to doing that packing and moving thing which i've been theorizing about for so long =P

Edit: Well it's good that i've got _something_ to cheer me up given the way the preliminary reports on the election are looking =/
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