October 26th, 2005


Tales of Symphonia

Why does the mere mention of a tower that reaches t the heavens fill me with dread?

Oh yeah, cause this is a Tales game :) Still, it seems to be a plot required tower, so there's no way it can be as insane as the bonus tower in Tales of Destiny, right? :)

So far far i like Lloyd (the main character.) He seems to be a bit of an airhead, but he's got a fairly positive and down to earth attitude (is that a contradiction in terms? :) When one of the other characters finds out something supposedly surprising about their past his first response when he discusses it with that character is that it doesn't in any way change the person who they are now. There was some book i read recently (or maybe a movie?) in which one of the characters was having identity issues and it took way too long for someone to suggest the exact same thing to them, so i was impressed with Lloyd immediatly getting to that point. Of course i wonder how well he'll apply the advice when and if it applies to himself as well :)

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You know ipods seem pretty cool. Expensive, but cool.

However a commercial for them featuring eminem is _so_ not moving me in a buying one direction =P
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