September 16th, 2005



Ack! It's almost the weekend! I should at least do a quick recap of the last week before i get even further behind :)

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And in an interesting note, i just got the following email notfication from SFBC:

"Get ready to read -- because the item(s) that you ordered is on its way
from Science Fiction Book Cl! On SEPTEMBER 15,2005 we shipped the
THE SUNDERING (2-IN-1)by Jacqueline CareyBook Hardcover
THE PROTECTOR'S WARby S.M. StirlingBook Hardcover"

This would be the SFBC box that showed up on Wednesday, the 14th :)

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This probably isn't news to anyone that's _really_ interested since it's been all over every gaming site in existance, but Nintendo has finally revealed the controller for their upcoming Revolution console.

I love Nintendo, but you've got to admit that sometimes they're smoking crack. Sometimes they have great ideas, and sometimes they have ideas that could have been great but they just fail to market them properly, and sometimes they smoke crack. Well i think this time they've been hanging out with the crack monnkeys in the crack trees. They may even have been eating the crack monkeys.

They took an NES controller, an NES zapper, an NES powerglove, got them drunk and stuffed them all in a closet together.

This is the result of that unholy union

Clearly a tv remote snuck into the closet as well. Or perhaps they actually tossed it in there intentionaly for some crack induced reason.

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Oh, and for some reason i felt like i should come up with a new icon. I originally wanted to do a couple games, but shrinking them down far enough to fit several in a 100x100 pixel area made them pretty damn distorted. I'll have to play with it some more.
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