July 20th, 2005


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I told myself that i was going to move sometime this summer, and it's already more than halfway through July =P

I need to start packing up my stuff. I hate cleaning when i'm by myself. It's so frickin boring when there's no one else around.

I need to figure out exactly where i want to move to. Generally somewhere between about Torance and Costa Mesa, but that doesn't narrow things down much. I'd like to be within 30 minutes of work, preferably even with moderate traffic accounted for. 10 or 20 would be great. Of course i'd also like to find a place that is reasonably safe and nice but isn't _too_ expensive. I can probably choose any two of the three =P Unfortunately i have no idea how to look for apartmentes other than using the apartment search websites, which probably only coveres a fraction of the existing apartments, and driving about on the streets and looking to see what there is, which is both time consuming and limited in the territoy it covers.

I need to figure out whether i want to get a one-bedroom or studio or whether i want to get a two-bedroom and try to find an roommate. Overall i've been much happier living with roommates, but finding good roommates is difficult and i _think_ i'd rather live alone than deal with sharing an apartment with someone i didn't get along with. Unfortunatly if i get a two-bedroom apartment and then don't find a roommate it will be rather expensive. Though no more expensive than my current identical situation =P

And speaking of which, i need to figure out how to handle the fact that i'm currently paying for this apartment. I don't really want to pay for two apartments for an overlapping month so i can move, but given that i have to give one-month notice at this apartment i may have to do that =/
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