July 11th, 2005


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It's a sad statement of exactly how little endurance i have that i'm pleasantly surprised that i can jog from the corner with the Subway back to work while getting only slightly winded :)

Speaking of endurance, despite going clubbing both saturday and sunday night i _am_ going to go to Wumpskate tonight. It's my once a month excuse to go blading, can't miss that :)

So of course that leaves me with the usual dilema. Do i spend an hour driving home, then 45 minutes driving back to LA, then 45 minutes driving home again? Or do i stick around here killing time for awhile to reduce the total commute by about an hour?
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I'm so friggin frustrated! Clearly the code hates me. Or the computer. Something sure does though!


Wow, banging your head against the computer really makes time seem to fly by. I suspect some form of blunt trauma-induced amnesia is responsible.
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