July 6th, 2005


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OkCupid hates me. Actually, it's probably the universe that hates me and OkCupid is one of its chosen tools.

I got a message from a cute geeky girl in Illinois saying: "I just wandered over from elsewhere and I saw your pic and I immediately thought to myself, "Damn, why do all the cute androgynous longhaired geeks live thousands of miles away?!" Not fair! ;)"

This is the third or fourth message i've gotten from cute girls thousands of miles away, i wish people within 100 miles seemed to appreciate me as much =P

In other news, i swore that i was going to get something usefull done last night. Instead i spent two or three hours playing Rot3K10 and then went to sleep.
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I was thinking of being insane and going clubbing three nights this weekend, but then i realized two things.

First: Wumpskate is this upcoming monday and i don't want to be too sore and tired for that. Second: This saturday is when i rescheduled my traffic school class for.

So i probably shouldn't be out too late friday night, so i have the option of doing either Dungeon or Malediction. Malediction is really cool, but that would mean being up till about 3am both sunday night _and_ monday night, which would make monday and tuesday not exactly pleasant i suspect. Unless i sleep in a _lot_ on sunday perhaps.
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