June 22nd, 2005


Decisions decisions

I went to the store this morning to get some pop and ran into a confusing diversity of choices.

The difference between "Diet Coke" and "Diet Coke sweetened with Splenda" is clear, but what the hell is "Coca Cola Zero" and how exactly is it different from normal Diet Coke? It seems to be using aspartame as well so there doesn't seem to be an obvious difference in ingredients. I ended up getting some of both the splenda and the zero versions just so i could try them. The splenda one tastes... different somehow. Not sure if i like it. Or maybe i'm just imagining it. Not tried the zero yet.
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So i'm still working on the huge long post about the weekend trip, however i figured i'd post one odd thing now.

Two weeks ago at ceph and jmpava's party ceph's boy thought i'd gotten my hair cut. I said i hadn't and he said he was sure it looked shorter. The only think i could figure out was that i'd had a shower a couple hours earlier, and usually when i run into him it's sometime in the evening, at least 12 hours since i showered in the morning, and frequently at a club where my hair is rather dank and limp from lots of physical exertion. So since my hair tends to be lighter and a little wavy right after a shower (well, right after it dries right after a shower) it might look shorter then.

Then this sunday sithjawa also thought i'd gotten a haircut, so i told her no. She said that she thought i looked different than normal, and at first she thought that my hair was shorter. Then she said i looked like i could be a prof, but she wasn't sure of what. She finally decided i might be a mad scientist prof who blows things up and tells strange stories. I guess if i was going to be a prof that would be an okay kind to be, but i'm still a little disturbed.

So i guess i haven't been looking like myself lately or something =P
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