June 15th, 2005



I can't crack my knees. If i try to press them together the muscles on the inside of my thighs hurt. I don't really notice it while doing anything else, just a slight twinge if i'm paying specific attention while walking about and such. Apparently i don't really use those muscles for anything other than rollerblading and cracking my knees =P

And i must use them for rollerblading a _lot_, because other than that the only part of me that's still noticeably sore is my ankles, or rather the bit between my ankles and my calves. I'm not sure if that's because the straps on my rollerblade are screwed up, or because i made them rather tight in order to keep them from getting more screwed up.
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The totally out of context statements for today:

"[ceph] is quieter and less frequent than [jmpava]"

"yeah [jmpava] does it at least 3 times a day"

Hmm, and i just looked up from my desk and was rather surprised to find that jmpava seems to have turned into maggiedacatt while i wasn't paying attention. Which has nothing to do with the above but is still odd :)
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