June 4th, 2005



There are many many many times when i wish i were a bit less unique than i am. However i'm amused to think that there is a low but non-zero probability that i am the only person in the history of the world who has come home from a goth/industrial club and suddenly found a remixed version of Chono Trigger's "Kingdom Trial" stuck in my head. I am straaaange :)

Clubbing was okay last night, would have been better if the place hadn't been only about half full. I'm probably going to go to dungeon tonight as well unless i end up going to a party, since i won't be able to go for at least one week after this and possibly two.

I have finished "Radiant!" Yay! It seemed _really_ short, but it's a 374 page hardback so maybe that's just cause i read it so fast :) I didn't like the way it wrapped up a few of the ongoing threads in the pseudo-series, but other than that it was good. Now on to "Dies the Fire!" :)
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