May 23rd, 2005


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Oh god i'm sore. It's been a very busy weekend which i should post about later, but i _should_ be getting to sleep now. However i've got that same kind of post-clubbing high energy level that keeps me from wanting to sleep. I'm actually considering just staying up all night, but that would probably be a bad thing. However if i do sleep i either need to take a shower beforehand or i need to crash on the couch, cause i'm way too slimy at the moment to feel like getting into bed.

Part of me just wants to not move at all, and part of me really wants to go clubbing since i ended up with the same kind of feeling but with no actual dancing. Obviously those two parts are in conflict. It's probably just as good that no clubs are open at this point so i don't need to actually make any decisions about what to do, cause my legs keep trying to cramp up. Speaking of which, i'm sure it surprises no one but it's difficult to drive when your legs are cramping.
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mmmmm, shower

slightly less sore now and somewhat more relaxed. Could maybe get to sleep now if i tried, but i probably ought to stay up for at least a little bit and comb my hair out to dry some so that i don't wake up with a disaster in the morning.

Of course since i've already showered i suppose i could set my alarms ahead about an hour.

On a random note, i went to a chinese place for dinner tonight and the fortune i got said "Made in the USA," which while true (unless there's something i haven't been told) is most definitely not actually a fortune. However it is amusing, so that's okay.
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I am a whimp

I can't jog for more than a couple minutes without running out of breath and after about fifteen or twenty pushups my arms are about ready to fall off. However apparently if you give me some kind of low impact excercise to do i can keep it up quite awhile. Specifically, if i'm pointed at a stack of boxes, preferably of identical or at least similar size and preferably with handles, i can just put my brain into a routine of pick up box, move, set down box, go back for another box, for an almost indefinite period of time. Moving the furniture gets me out of the groove a bit but not much.

Of course after doing that for at least four or five hours as soon as the presence of more boxes to move is negated i collapse into a heap and just twitch for a while :)

Oh, and i did _not_ let my hair dry out enough before going to bed at 4ish this morning. Luckily it's not friday so my hair is tied back and it isn't _too_ noticeable (hopefully.)

Oh and also, thaisa and boycat's new place is cool. Not quite as big as it could be, but it's pretty and it has a washer and dryer, and it's cheaper than where i am now, i am envious :)
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