March 29th, 2005


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49 out of 50 times that i turn around and dobule check that i really did put my parking break on i feel like a dork, but that 50th time i'm really glad i did it :)

Sometime last week i was wishing that they made dark chocolate m&ms. Then today i happened to stumble across this on yahoo news. The fact that they're teaming up with star wars is a bit strange, but it was amusing that at the same time i'm reading about their "go to the dark side" campaign i also find out for the first time that m&ms are ultimately owned by "Masterfoods." I can just hear Darth Vader saying "I must obey my Masterfoods" :)

In another bit of synchronicity, i started reading a new book on sunday, Nancy Kress' "Crossfire." It's about a group of colonists heading to a new planet, some of whom are "New Quakers." I was reading it last night and it happened to mention that the founder of the Quakers was George Fox, something i don't think i'd ever heard before. Today i needed to look up some stuff about DES so i went to Wikipedia, and their featured article of the day was... "George Fox," the founder of the Quakers :)
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