March 27th, 2005



I just scored a _huge_ load of easter candy :)

I kinda forgot about easter this year, and do you know what that means? No peeps for me! :(

However kialyn suggested i should go by the store and get some today. Normally i try to go the day after easter so i can get it cheap, but by that point it's all gone =/ So i decided to try out her advice this year. Apparently the key to getting tons of cheap easter candy is to go by the store about 5 in the afternoon on easter itself. They'd already put everything on huge discounts and there was quite a bit of stuff left. The boxes of 5 chick peeps were just 20 cents!! And boxes of four cadbury eggs were only 75 cents! Woot! Of course now i need to restrain myself from eating too much of it all at once =P

They also had diet root beer on sale, and actually had some there! _And_ they'd moved it to the bottom shelf so there's room for about 8 cases at a time! Hopefully that means they'll actually have it in stock more often.
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