March 21st, 2005


My brain hurts

Maggiedacatt and neonelephant and i went to jamba juice today. I decided to get the matcha green tea smoothie again. The person at the register offered me a card and said something that i failed to understand. She repeated herself and i failed to understand again. She handed me the card and i read it, and it confirmed that i was understanding the words she was saying just fine, they just didn't make any sense.

Jamba Juice has a deal going where if you get seven of the energy drinks you get the first one and the last one free. Yes, the _first_ one. You walk up and they give you a free drink.

There are seven spots on the card, the first and last are marked free and there are five numbered spots between them. It says in the fine print that it's just one card per customer, but how do they actually intend to enforce that? If i came back next week the person at the register might remember me, or might not. And certainly i could hit every jamba juice in town and get at least one free drink at each one. I don't actually intend to abuse the offer (if i can find a jamba juice near home i might be willing to maintain two cards, but i'm not sure if i can stretch my morals even that far) but i'm sure there are people who have no such qualms.

My brain hurts just trying to understand how they came up with this idea in the first place.
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I am such a geek :)

Last friday i finally found out what happened to RPG Radio. His site got squated and it it took me awhile to find the new location because it wasn't the first page to show up in google. But now i know where it is again! *bounce* For anyone who likes RPG music and is too lazy to click the first link go to in winamp or something similar! *bounces some more*

On saturday i went to NIS America' online store and bought some Disgaea figures and the multimedia CD.

Also on friday i found out about the new Final Fantasy concert!!!!!!!! *BOUNCE BOUNCE BOUNCE*!!!!! And this time they're going to have the Black Mages performing as well :)

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So i ended up spending a little over $470 for seven seats. Of course i should be getting money back from several of the people involved so it's not _that_ bad :)
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