February 20th, 2005



Just as i was about to crawl off to bed rahvina showed up on IM and cheered me up and kept me company for awhile. Yayayay! :)

However now i should really go off to bed and get some sleep.
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Shopping and stuff

*looks back at last day's worth of entries*

Meep! I seem to have turned into sithjawa! ;) *ducks*

Of course maybe that explains why sithjawa is the only person who's been able to keep up and leave any comments, so i probably shouldn't tease her :)

Anyways, i'll try to be more condense for the rest of today, and then work should cure the problem on monday :)


I got a woo from someone on okcupid! *bounce* However it happens to be from someone in New Zeland =P

Perhaps i should take a hint from that and start sending woos to people in other countries. I _might_ be able to convince my brain that it doesn't really matter if someone thousands of miles away hates me or not. Eventually i might even work my way up to sending actual messages to people on the same continent as myself :)

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Anyways, i should go hook up my new phone cord and then think about dinner since i don't know if Kialyn is going to eat on her own before i pick her up or not.

And for some reason my back has decided it should be all tense and sore today, maybe from the dancing but i can't really figure why that would be. Perhaps i can coerce Kialyn into giving me a backrub in exchange for the ride :)
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Kialyn's interview thing got rescheduled for next week at the last minute, so instead of getting to hang out with her i'm stuck home by myself.

Didn't feel up to going out to get food, so am making a peanut butter sandwich and bad for me carrots and rice, and trying not to think about who taught me how to cook rice =/

Need to think of something to do to fill up the rest of the evening.
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