February 19th, 2005


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Since i'm actually up this early in the morning i should really go to AAA and get my license tags. However i don't really want to go out in this weather. I think i may be weak and go back to my original plan of going there monday morning and getting into work a little late.

Ooohhh! thunder!

That was unexpected

The rain suddenly stopped and it got moderatly sunny outside, so i decided to go down to AAA after all. Left about 1:10 and when i got there it wasn't very crowded. There were two or three people in line ahead of me for the automotive department and it probably didn't take much more than five minutes before they called me, and only took a few minutes for them to look over my stuff and give me the sticker. The sticker isn't actually on my car yet. I considered putting it on as soon as i went out to the parking lot, but the instructions said the license plate should be clean, dry, and "warm to the touch," and mine was most certainly none of those at the time :)

I decided to stop by Trader Joe's after that since i was kinda nearby. Got various snacks, and they were offering free samples of orange chicken so i got conned into bying a bag of that :) As long as i was doing that i grabbed a bag of spinach as well. I figure i ought to make dinner for myself sometime this next week rather than stopping by del taco or in n out on the way home or just snacking.

I didn't see the cute register girl who talked to me about anime the time before last, however while i was waiting in line i heard someone call my name, so i looked around, and there was Ran! He asked how i was doing and if i was working at the same place, and i said no, i was working at Laserfiche now, and he commented about the number of mudders there and asked if i was still living in Pomona and i said yes but that i'd probably be moving fairly soon. So after a couple minutes of that he said bye and wandered off to finish his shopping. I suppose it's not _that_ odd since that's the nearest Trader Joe's for quite a distance, but it's not like i go there that often,

And on a random note, despite the fact that i probably spent about an hour dancing last night i feel like i want to go out clubbing again tonight for some reason =P

Anyways, i'm going to go poke at people now and see if they want to hang out.
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This is just a random bit from a conversation i was having with maggiedacatt yesterday, which i thought was _way_ too amusing :)

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The only downside to having lots of fun at Dungeon is that it can make saturday seem kind of a let down by comparison.

Don't really want to be by myself at home, but everyone i've poked at about hanging out is either busy or not answering. There's not even anyone online to talk to.

I thought about going out to get some food, but decided to use my laziness to save some money and convinced myself it was too much work and made food at home. I would say that i used my laziness to eat healthier, except that i had a peanut butter sandwich and some carrots, which was healthy right up until i poured balsamic vinagrette and parmesan cheese all over the carrots :)

Could watch a movie or something, but... i don't know, i think i've gotten too used to watching movies with people. Seems kinda depressing to do alone now. Leveled up a little in Disgaea but don't feel like too much more of that. Could start a new game like Xenosaga or Tales of Symphonia, but... eh.

Guess i'll go curl up in bed and read. Maybe i'll be able to fall asleep.
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