February 6th, 2005



I wish i wasn't fat. And i wish i knew how to dance well. I also wish i knew if i look better with my hair tied back or loose. When it's tied back it's really flat and kinda ugly, but when it's loose it flies all over the place and gets pretty tangled after a couple songs.

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I should really get to sleep now, but i'm not feeling that tired =P
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This will only make sense to a few people, but...

I just made a moon that was 799m and 49 cm!!! Missied by _51_ frickin cm!!! Damn it!!!!!! Just one more frickin island! Or a cloud! Or anything!
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Apparently the superbowl is today.

I might have stuck around and watched it except that i told kialyn that i'd got a tea ceremony demonstartion with her today, and i don't have to sit through any football to get to the good parts of that :)

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So anyways, i suppose i could turn on the superbowl now, but the fox station is kinda fuzzy, and i bet they've already done all the really cool commercials, and i've got a new video game to play :)