January 8th, 2005


Sleep and stuff

Originally i was planning on going to the DMV today. However i checked their website last "night" and found that they're only open one saturday a month, and this isn't it. I'm thinking i may try to go first thing monday morning if the weather has improved again. I wouldn't want to be standing outside in a line in this weather =P

So i decided i didn't need to get up that early this morning. I stayed up until about 6 am playing katamari damacy and reading a bit, and got up at 3 this afternoon. Now i need to figure out how to get my sleep schedule back on track by monday. Either i can try to stay up another 24 hours and go to bed sometime after 3pm tomorrow, or i can go to bed at a normalish time tonight (3 or 4 am probably at this rate) but try to get up after just four or five hours so i'll be tired enough to go to bed before midnight on sunday.
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