December 19th, 2004


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I unlocked the EDF Soldier, and i was expecting something kind of high tech, and a person in a space suit certainly counts, but i wasn't counting on the spacesuit being so _ugly_. It looks like those stereotypical deep-sea diving suits with the a huge spherical helmet with a round glass plate in front. I decided to leave my Scout as Vincent, and decided i would pretend the person in the suit was Yuna was a _really_ fucked up Gunner dressSphere. I think the angel _might_ be female, so i named her Terra.

I finally got a Majin, and despite the fact he's purple i did name him T.G. Cid :)

And now for some _real_ geeking :)

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Okay, i should go pack now. Well, soon anyway. Right after i've finished playing with the Majin :)
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