December 3rd, 2004


Important DaP News

Just got an email from Matt, and was asked to pass along word to all DaPers i know:

"Ziggy (which was the mail relay) ate itself. The MX is now fixed to point directly to multivac, so e-mail will start working again.

If you have the addresses of any DaPers, please let them know. DaP was hosted on ziggy, so the membership list is likely lost. So are the archives."

I know a couple DaPers read my LJ, so you might want to repost the message or email the people you know.

I'm guessing that all old members who want to be added back when he ressurects the list should send him a message with their current email address.

Job stuff

First of all, all DaP members go back and read the previous post and/or email Matt.

The first thing that showed up in my mailbox after Matt fixed the mail server was the message from him. The second thing (and the reason why i had been bugging Matt about the mail server in the first place) was the response from Laserfiche. They're offering me a job :)

Now i'm going to pretend for a moment that i'm not sure if i want to accept the offer (ha!) and consider the pros and cons.

The easiest part to quanitize is the salary. They asked on the form i filled out what my "expected salary" was. I put 60k, and that's what they offered. I just put down what i'd been making at PoV. I know you're supposed to make more money every time you switch jobs, but i was too nervous to ask for more. I have no idea what salary expectations are in this branch of the industry, and i know they've been hiring a lot of recent grads, so i didn't want to price myself out of the competition. Presuming things work out it would be nice if i could find out what the other software engineers make so i could ask for an appropriate raise in a years time, but i don't know a tactful way to find that out.

I'll be working on business software rather than games. Before i could tell myself that i was actually doing something important and contributing to society, but i don't think that will really be true anymore. One could say that i would be helping businesses perform better, but pretty much all the company does is help them organize documents and deal with the reams of government regulations relating to dealng with such documents. It's really kind of hard to see the marginal value to society in that.

The hours are nice though, 40 hours a week most of the time, occasional overtime when a product is about to ship, but you get _paid_ for it :) I hate being on the clock, but the getting to go home at a reasonable time will be nice.

It's in Long Beach, which means the length of the commute will be about the same as it was for PoV,but it involves more freeways and the traffic mayl be worse. I left for the interview at 8:20 and got there about 9:20. I'm not sure yet what hours they'd want me to do so i don't know if that would be the time of my regular commute or what. The drive home might be even more foreboding though.

It's got a somewhat classier dress code than i'm used to. It wasn't everybody in suits, but certainly dockers and a button up shirt would be good, especially for the first bit until i get a better gauge on things.

There are lots of Mudders there, although mostly from more recent years. I know a few of them through my sister, such as the person who gave them my resume, but there are a lot more who i've never seen or just vaguely recognize.

There are a _lot_ of cute girls there, cute tech girls even. At least compared to the zero that i'm used to. Even if dating coworkers wasn't a bad idea they're probably all involved and/or way too young for me, but it would be nice just to be around them and know that they exist.

Oh, and the minor perks, 401k, health vision and dental after three months, and they provide lunch every day. Usually pretty mediocre stuff i was told (it was Subway yesterday during my interview,) but still, free food is free food :)

I think that's all the main points.

So yeah, i'm going to say yes, but i'd like to find a way to convince myself that other than just for the sake of being employed the benefits of working there outweigh the fact that i'd be working on something boring unimportant and meaningless.
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