November 5th, 2004


What i want

I figure that if i'm stuck with four more years of Bush, then the gods of ream owe me a cool job and a really cute and really geeky girlfriend. And who's local.

Other than that...

I'd like to hope that the Republicans now have enough rope to hang themselves, but not so much that they can fuck up the country beyond what we can repair starting four years from now. Unfortunatly with the way things have been going they'll manage to destroy the country and still have everyone (well, 50% plus one) thinking they're wonderful.

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holy @#$%&!

Take a look at this list of votes for Franklin County, Ohio

Go ahead and scroll down to page 23 and look at the results for "GAHANNA 1." Row B, 4258 votes for Bush, 260 votes for Kerry. Total votes in the precinct, 638.

I don't know what it means that it's "unofficial," but that really doesn't look good. For better or worse though that's probably just a software malfunction of some kind. I expect that any actual attempt to subvert the vote wouldn't be so easy to catch.
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