October 13th, 2004


Republican voter fraud in Nevada and Oregon

And maybe elsewhere as well, who knows.

Someone posted this article last night on IRC and i saw it again on slashdot this morning. There are also a lot more stories here on Google News

KLAS TV in Las Vegas is claiming that a private, but RNC funded, registration group called "Voters Outreach of America" has been registering people at malls and ouside stores in the area. However before turning the forms over to officials they destroy all registration forms marked as "Democrat." The registrar in Reno has had similar complaints and has asked the FBI to investigate, but apparently it's too late to register in Nevada by this point, so the victems have no way of fixing the problem. It's also reported that the same group has moved up to Oregon and is doing the same thing up there. And who knows where else they or similar groups might have been doing the same thing that just hasn't been discovered yet.

If you or someone you know is a Democrat who just recently registered at an unoficial location, they should double-check that they actually got registered.

But what do you want to bet that even if the charges are substantiated that nobody gets in more legal trouble than a small fine can fix? [/cynicism]
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Edit: Okay, that didn't work either! It _must_ have been able to find the library last night, since at that point it managed to get far enough to crash =P What the hell happened in the 12ish hours since then?
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These debates are getting more and more boring. They both keep saying the same things and being unable to answer the same challenges from their opponent =P
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