September 7th, 2004


Semi-successful trip to the store

Went to the store this evening to get some pop and see if they had cheaper Soba noodles than Trader Joe's. Got some diet mountain dew, but they were out of 2L bottles of diet root beer, and the diet coke was that stupid 4/$5 price. So i ended up getting one of those big boxes of cans of diet root beer that were on sale for 2/$5. Not as goot as the 99 cent 2L, but a little better than the 4/$5 ones.

I went and looked for the Soba noodles next, but it seems that Stater Bros. doesn't have any. However while looking through the pasta (in the vague hope that maybe they'd misplaced some Soba noodles there) i found some cheap wheat noodles that look just like egg noddles but have no egg in them, and therefore no fat or cholesterol, so i decided to get some of those and try out and see how they compare to egg noodles.

I was thinking of skipping dinner tonight since i had lunch with kialyn this afternoon, but i think i may try making a small amount of the wheat noodles just because i'm curious about them now.