August 4th, 2004


More randomness

Well LJ finally seems to be catching up on email notifications of comments. Yesterday i got three comments dated from Jun 29th to July 1st, today i got two comments, one from July 12th, one from July 22nd =P

One of the companies my recruiter has been talking to is supposed to send me a test to take at 3:30 today. Apparently i'm supposed to be waiting for the test, take it immediatly, and then send it back. I hope my computer behaves during that period of time. I don't really know what's on the test, programming stuff presumably, but whether high level or low level i have no idea.

I'm probably not going to do very well, i suck at tests that i don't know what to prepare for. I tend to learn what i need to know quickly, do whatever it is i need to do, and then forget 90% of what i learned. I spent almost two years using vector math on a regular basis with no problem, and then five or six months later after i'd stopped using it i'd forgotten almost all of it. This works just fine for a job, but kind of sucks when a potential employer decides to test you on what you "know."

Note to self: i cut my fingernails this morning. (I'm curious exactly how long it takes for them to grow to super-annoyingness length, but by the time they get that long i can never remember when the last time i cut them was. I wish i knew what had happened to my little pocket knife =/ )
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