July 30th, 2004


I still hate FedEx

I went and sat outside the manager's office for two or three hours, hoping the FedEx person would come by so i could ambush them. They never came by, and i managed to sunburn my knees and feet before i realized it and moved into the shade =P

I did bring along a japanese textbook and some Dragon Quest mangas, so the afternoon wasn't just wasted. I didn't learn much from the mangas, it was mostly just flip, flip, flip, translate a word or two, flip, flip... however they were a nice break when i got bored of reading the textbook.

So the package is now at the FedEx center in the City of Industry. I considered driving down there at 6:10 when the website said the package was back there, but that would have meant going about 15 miles during the tail end of rush hour, and going through the 57/60 interchange. So i decided to wait on that and do it tomorrow morning/early afternoon instead.

It was a good thing i decided that way, because a certain someone decided to IM me at 7:30 and we ended up talking for several hours :) Nothing has really changed, but i'm now irrationally happy :) I'm sure i'll get over it sooner or later, but it's nice while it lasts.
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I have my Creative MuVo player now :) And it's _really_ small. Unfortunatly it doesn't come with a cord, you actually pull off part of the player and stick it directly into the computer. So if i want to get the Otis working i'll need to buy a new cord. Blech.

The only disadvantage of the MuVo is that it has no screen. The few times it needs to let you know what it's doing it tells you by flashing a single two-color LED. (You can't actually have a LED that does two colors, can you? Either there's something about LED technology i don't know, or they just hid two LEDs behind one piece of translucent plastic so it just looks like one.)

The drive to the FedEx office was supposed to take about a half hour round-trip, but it ended up taking about an hour because of traffic =P

Now i'm trying to decide which of the audiobooks i've paid for i want to download next to try out. I'm thinking of either George R.R. Martin's "A Game of Thrones," or Larry Niven's "Protector." While trying to decide i also happened to stumble across the fact that Audible is now carrying the Reduced Shakespeare Company radio show, think i may be getting (some of) those next month :)


I've got plans to go to Dungeon tomorrow, but nothing for tonight or sunday. I tried emailing my sister about doing something this weekend, but she hasn't responded yet so i guess we're not doing anything tonight.

Anyone feel like hanging out or watching a DVD or playing some games or something tonight? Or maybe sunday or saturday morning/early afternoon?

Of course kialyn is out of town, which leaves pretty much just thaisa and sithjawa who could reasonably respond.

Ack, and the net just crashed, killing the Audible download halfway through =P Why hasn't anyone set up web browsers with the ability to continue aborted downloads? =P See, there _was_ a reason why i had the cable for my last mp3 player at work, where i had a fast net connection and could actually download the books =P
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