July 29th, 2004


More work and FF10-2 stuff

Got a definite no back from one of the SoCal companies =/ Annoyingly it's from one of the companies where i matched everything they said they wanted. Meanwhile other companies that i only kind of match are still waffling =P The recruiters did manage to find one more SoCal company that's hiring, but unfortunatly it's yet another one looking for someone specializing in AI. I really ought to look into studying that more. *sigh* so many things i should be learning about, low-level 3D engine stuff, DirectX stuff, AI stuff. I actually spent a day or two trying to get DirectX working on my computer so i could look into it, but it turns out that i had an old version of the C++ compiler i was using that couldn't handle it. I tried getting the new version and installing it, but it broke the program, and now i have no DirectX and no C++ compiler either =P Should poke at that some more and try and figure out what's wrong.


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Oh, and have i mentioned that Paine is cool? :) Give me a Y! Give me an R! Give me a break.
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