July 5th, 2004


Long Weekend

I like my sister and her husband, but visiting them is kind of depressing at the moment. They've got a nice apartment and they have lots of nice furniture and they have each other. Pretty much exactly the way i wanted things to be with Caithris :(

Watched an episode of Dark Angel with Kialyn for her lunch break today (she decided to go into work today for some reason even though she didn't have to) before i drove down to my sister and brother-in-law's (gah, that's weird to say) apartment, where we had some pizza and watched the first three episodes of Firefly.

I spent the 4th of July sitting around my apartment playing FF10. Was feeling too tired/lazy/sad/whatever to go out and do anything.

Saturday i also spent a lot of time playing FF10 and then had dinner with Kialyn and watched Unbreakable with her afterwards. She agreed that it was better than Signs :)

It's been about two weeks since that last set of resumes went out. Hopefully i'll hear something soon now that the holiday is over.

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