July 2nd, 2004



*sigh* 2 weeks :(

Tried playing some FF10 yesterday, and it just doesn't seem as fun as it used to be, but that's probably just me.

Had lunch with catbird and her coworker. Since the coworker was along we just did the lunch and no videos afterwards, but she promised to make up for it on saturday.

Morna called and asked if i wanted to hang out, but then she found out that Bricriu was heading home already and they were planning on dinner, and i wasn't feeling very hungry so i decided to just stay at home.

sithjawa IMed me a few hours later and asked if i was interested in dinner. I was feeling hungrier at that point, and i hadn't seen her in almost two weeks, so i said sure. We went out to Tokyo Kitchen and had some sushi. We had a really cute waitress wearing a sorta tank-toppy shirt. I think Caithris had a few like that.

Unfortunatly sithjawa was busy, so didn't get to hang out after dinner, just dropped her off at her apartment and drove home.

After getting home i talked to rahvina on IM for awhile and then played some more FF10, then went to bed about 3 or 4 after i was mostly too tired to think.

Had a very strange dream last night. What was even stranger was that i remembered most of it.

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