June 13th, 2004



To quote from a recent comment i just made:

"WTF? When did this sudden pop-in window for making comments start happening? And why is it so incredibly lagged? If i type at a reasonably fast rate i can get it to keep typing for a bouta second afet i storp. WHich means that i make all kinds of tpyoos cuase i'm used to going back and correcting as i type swhich is impossible ifg you can't see what you just typ4ed =P"
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I'm wondering what i should have for dinner tonight. Part of me wants to be lazy and just have cup of noodles at home or something, and part of me wants to go out and get something good. Of course my stomach is confused at this point because i ate so much junk food at campaign earlier today =P

I'm thinking about The Hat chilli cheese fries, even though i can never finish them. They _are_ yummy, and it's not like i ever have anyone to share them with anyways, so it's eat half of them along or nothing =P Other possibilities would be the other usual late night places, Del Taco and In-n-Out.

Wish Caithris was here to snuggle with.
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