May 26th, 2004


Docotor stuff

I would say that this is a misleading headline, but both interpretations could be considered valid:
"Ashcroft: 'Clear and present danger to America'"
I know that i and a lot of my LJ friends have been saying that about Ashcroft for a long time :)

I was originaly going to go to Sears to get the shaver parts, then to the doctor/lab thing to give blood samples, and then back her to have dinner with Kialyn. However kialyn said she couldn't do dinner tonight after all, so i ended up having lunch with her (well, being there while she had lunch, since i was supposed to be fasting =) and shifting everything else later.

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Oh, and the replacement parts _do_ fit my shaver, and it works a _lot_ better now. So i'm now without the four or so days worth of beard i'd accumulated, although Kialyn thought i looked kind of interesting with it or something =P
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