May 20th, 2004



I had a phone interview this morning with a startup company in Seattle this morning.

I spent an hour or two beforehand looking up everything i could remember being asked about in prior interviews and writing it all down on a sheet of paper. (The fact that it took me less than two hours to be learn the answers to all the questions they asked makes me wonder what the real value of those interviews was.)

So i get on the phone, the guy asks me about what i've done in the past, asks me for some details on what type of work i did, then tells me a litlte about the company.

Then he says he'd like to fly me up so we can do a face to face interview *blinks*

No tech questions, at all! I can hear the universe laughing at me. Clearly if i'd spent an hour memorizing useless facts before the previous interviews they wouldn't have asked me any tech questions either =P

The less wonderful news is that they're working on a 3D crime game. It sounds like it's not going to be quite as cruel and violent as Grand Theft Auto (more focus on bank roberies and such) but still not the type of game i'm normally interested in. It's also going to be focused on the XBox2, which is another minus. They said they may work on a PS3 version as well, but XBox2 (and i think he said PC as well) are going to be their primary focuses.

But a job is a job, and i'll work on the XBox if i have to. Hell, maybe i should apply directly to Microsoft as well =P

Well, maybe if i get this job they'll go defunct in six months or so, and i can try and find something better =P
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