March 6th, 2004


Spending money

The Final Fantasy concert went on sale yesterday. GAF said that the ticket office opened at noon, but you could call at ten. Maybe it's just me, but i kind of thought that implied that you could _buy_ the tickets at 10, apparently i was wrong =P However i finally got it worked out with some help from Morna. Since this may be the only Final Fantasy concert to ever happen in america, i decided to spend $120 and get the best seats i could. According to the ticketmaster person i ended up with second row seats right in the middle :)

Spent the morning hanging out with Morna and then we drove out to Pasadena so we could have lunch with her boyfriend. We wandered around a bit afterwards and i bought a used CD and a used DVD at one of the stores we went to, and then i got to spend about an hour and fifteen minutes driving home in rush hour traffic =P

Caithris has spring break next week, and i managed to find some fairly cheap tickets, so i'm going out to visit her for about ten days :) I'm leaving after the second interview next week. I'm hoping it will take them at least a week after that before either of the companies decide to fly me up for an interview (which is wishfull thinking in more than one regard.)

Was thinking about going to the store today to stock up on groceries. I decided to be ambitious and walk there and back. On my way out of the store a couple of girl scouts tried to sell my some cookies. I decided to get two boxes of Samoas because some people in Texas are boycotting the Girl Scouts because they support Planned Parenthood.
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