March 3rd, 2004


More wowness

It's an incredibly clear night out. Even with the intermitent clouds there's a ton of really bright stars out and a really bright moon. Of course this is LA we're talking about, so this is a relative "lots" we're speaking of. Two dozen, three dozen tops :)

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Morna was feeling lonely earlier, so i went and hung out with her for about an hour at Del Taco. I stopped to get mail on the way home afterwards, and found some junkmail from someone who wanted me to vote for them in the primary. Um, little late guys. I know junkmail is pretty inexpensive, but it's still a waste of money if it doesn't show up till after the election. Of course i think junk mail is a waste anyways, but oh well.

Should go to bed as soon as this Stargate episode is finished so i can get up early tomorrow and be ready for the second interview.


Guess who has green tea flavor back for the moment? :)

My interview for today got rescheduled for next week. Well, technically just scheduled, since there wasn't ever any cofirmation of the first proposal. I got the email last night and didn't see it till this morning, so i didn't have the chance to ask them if they really meant to schedule it for Wednesday March 10th instead of Wednesday March 3rd, or if they or my recruiter had a miscomunication along the way.

Went to the village after that and got my refund and deposited my check. Spent $8 for breakfast/lunch/dinner at the Indian place, spent $20 on used CDs at Rhino Records, and spent $2 at the ice cream place. The cashier at the record store was a cute girl wearing a Serial Experiments Lain t-shirt :)

Now to watch more Stargate while talking to my ashke.
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I just found out from one ex-coworker that several other ex-coworkers have just put together a new game company that started buisness this january, and is currently hiring programmers. They've already snatched up several of my other ex-coworkers who were laid off recently. They say they've already got a contract with Activision.

Anyone in the gaming industry has probabably heard stories about people going to work at Blizzard and then leaving to form their own studios. One of the co-founders is a guy i knew at the first place i worked who left to go work at Blizzard :)

*sigh* If only it were in Washington instead of SoCal. It would be a lot of work, but it sounds like the perfect opportunity to get in on a new company at the ground floor :(
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