February 10th, 2004


Anyone want free stuff?

Quick question, what's the best way to ship a DVD/CD and/or a DVD/CD case?

My ashke found that one of the episodes of Stargate that she'd been looking forward to didn't get taped by tivo, so she wants me to send her the disk. (Yes, she's silly, but that's okay =) Unfortunatly she found this out after i'd sent the package off this afternoon.

I've also got a spare DVD of Dark City lying around, anyone want it? I think they're going for about $5 now on super sale, so it's not even worth trying to sell. (Waited too long on returning it to Best Buy, for the $15 i paid for it i just wasn't that motivated.)

I've also realized that i had one or two songs out of order on the VG Remix CDs i made, and there's enough room left over for another song or two on each disk. If i go ahead and resort the songs and fill up the CD and burn new ones, i'll have the old ones lying around being useless. Anyone want them? The songs are mostly Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy, and Secret of Mana, so i'm guessing Kirinn, Kallah and Tiercel would be the most likely candidates.

Oh, and by the way Rahvina, did you know that your OK Cupid profile says that you're more Republican than most? *laughs* How did you manage that? :)

Edit: Oh, and it's not first come first served, so anyone who's interested speak up, and i'll then figure out who to give what based on shipping costs and flipping coins and such.


I'm very ammused that currently one of the people tied for my #1 world match on Ok Cupid is someone who i believe has been in my apartment before, but whom i've never met :)

I was curious why she showed up on my match list but none of the other people i know have, and she had a brilliant suggestion. She has a pic for her account, and by default the match list doesn't seem to show anyone without a pic. I should try to figure out where that setting is.

I've got pictures of an amazing number of people on this computer, or at least a lot more than i had expected, but i don't have any pictures of myself. Taking pictures of yourself is hard =P Well actually it's rather easy, the hard part is getting a picture that has all the qualities at once of: good lighting, decent expresion, not blurry, and framed well (not chopping anything off and not at a weird angle.)

I took about 80 pictures of myself while shifting the camera around. Hopefully one of them will be lucky :)
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