February 9th, 2004


Screwed up schedule

I got up at seven am on saturday morning, and didn't go to sleep again till about eight or nine am sunday morning. No good reason, just didn't feel like sleeping till then. I'm a bit fuzzy on the going to sleep time cause at first i started drifting off for five or ten minute periods, then at some point i fell asleep for a while longer, then i woke up about noon and decided to move into the bedroom.

Got up at about 5pm, and not sure when i'm going to go to sleep again. Not sure if it's a good thing or a bad thing being mostly disassociated from society and it's "normal" schedule :)

Yet another personality/matching quiz

OK Cupid

It says i'm "The Loverboy" or " Random Gentle Love Master (RGLMm)"

Collapse )

Interestingly, my ashke got "The Sonnet: (deliberate, gentle love dreamer)" and it said she should consider The Loverboy, but my profile didn't say i should consider her type back. Weird.

Also interestingly, my highest match in the world is 67%. My ashke and Morna both come in at 62%.

I wish it would let me look at the descriptions for the other types though =P

Edit: It _does_ let you look at the other profiles, but not when it first tells you what your profile is, you have to go back later and _then_ it shows you them at the bottom of the page. Mine is here.
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