January 24th, 2004


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As i've said before, i don't mind getting woken up at any hour be people i care about.


If someone calls at 4:30 in the morning, waking me up out of a dream (well, i thought it was a dream, i can't remember anything about it but i remember being woken up _out_ of something, can you remember deep sleep as a something?) to hear the phone ringing, causing me to stumble from the bedroom to the next room where the phone is, in a panicky/fuzzy just awoken "phone is ringing, don't know how long phone has been ringing, must answer phone" state, and answer said phone in an adrenaline-induced state of alertness, the _politic_ thing to say is _not_ "You sound so awake!" :)

When i was trying to get back to sleep cassie came and sat on my chest for awhile, which was nice. Then she sat next to my head for awhile and licked my face and pawed at my nose and lips, which wasn't so nice =P
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Morna and Bricriu came over to watch some B5 last night, and i decided to do something really crazy. I actually cooked some of the cookie dough i got at costco! Amazed, aren't you? :)

Unfortunatly if i stricly follow the directions i can only fit about six cookies on the baking sheet i have. There was still some space between them when they were done cooking, so i could probably squeeze them a little tighter and get at least 8 in, but they might start merging together. (And they were pretty mutant cookies to begin with anyways)

I also played a little FFTA yesterday, and i also finally gave in and signed up with a recruiter. Unfortunatly they said they only have 4-6 companies they normally work with up there. However they said they didn't mind if i worked with a second company as well and/or sent in some resumes on my own, as long as i coordinated with them on it.

Spent this morning watching cartoons and burning backup CDs so i could free up some hard drive space on my laptop.

Thinking about going to dungeon tonight. No, really, i mean it this time :)
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