January 14th, 2004



Okay, what's wrong with this picture? You get half a guess, cause after reading the first half you should already know what's wrong, although not how badly wrong it is.

Bush to Promote Marriage in $1.5 Billion Plan, Report Says

Bush Seeks $1B for Moon, Mars Missions

It was bad enough when people were complaining about how much the space program costs while the military was spending an order of magnitude more money, now they're spending more money promoting the agenga of the conservative christians.

I wouldn't be quite so pissed off if it was an equal opportunity thing, if they were encouraging people to get together and form families no matter the sexes of the people involved.

It would be great if a whole bunch of gay couple got together in Vermont or Hawaii or some such place and had a mass marriage right after the advertising starts, and credit Bush with having inspired them.
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Good News, Bad News

According to the news attacks on americans in Iraq are down about 50%. However the death rate hasn't gone down because the insurgents are apparently getting better.

In other Iraq news, apparently they found documents with Saddam in which he was instructing his cohorts not to cooperate with fundamental extremists and other foreigners in attacks on americans. However the military believes that many of the attacks are originated by al-queda types. So we invaded a country that was hostile to fundamental extremists, and ended up making it friendly towards them. I have the strange feeling that someone might have mentioned that possibility at some point, but that can't be.
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Corporate Machine is a great game, but...

At Normal difficulty i _accidently_ kick the computer's ass without too much effort, so I never get to the really high tech stuff for cars, computers, or airplanes. At Difficult the computer kicks my ass before i have the chance to develop very far (unless I'm playing cola, which doesn't really have high tech.)

This is really frustrating, and i wish i could do better at Difficult, and i wish i could find the manual or find a faq online.
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