January 13th, 2004


Sleep and Geography

I got to sleep about 8:30 this morning, after sorting though lots of companies that i could possibly apply to and playing some Corporate Machine.

I got woken up by the phone at _least_ 5 or 6 times between then and 1:30. I'd say that i should get off my ass and sign on to the no-call registry, except that _none_ of them were telemarketers. There were two or three wrong numbers the i can remember, two calls that there was just silence interupted by a slow and steady beeping, and a politcal survey. The political survey amused me, because there was no actual person, it was operating on somewhat adequate speech recognition software. It was from a republican, and the first question was if i thought illigal imigrants should be given driver's licenes. I've not really looked into the issue, so i said "don't know," and it responded with something like "I agree with you, and if elected i will pass legislation to stop that." :) The rest of the questions i think i managed to answer in opposition to what they were hoping, and didn't get any response to most of them, just the next question. Except for the "do i think Schwarzenegger(sp) is doing a good job," which i migth have answered the way they wanted, although not for the same reasons as they would want. (Can't figure out if this person was running for congress or governor)

And then _just_ now i got another call on my cell phone (which has mysteriously started working in my apartment! :) They said my name, i said "yes" confusedly because i didn't recognize the voice. They said "It's Sally," to which i answered something confused, because i don't know any Sallys that i know of. They asked if they had a wrong number, i told them that they had my name right, but i didn't know of any sallys that i know of, so they appologized and hung up.

And back to what i originaly mentioned, i've sorted out all the California and Washington companies in GamaSutra's database of game developers. There are 66 companies in Northern California, 87 companies in Southern California (66 in the LA area and slightly north, 10 in OC, 6 in the dead zone between here and San Diego, and 5 in San Diego itself) and 35 companies in western washington (and just one in eastern washington, which you couldn't pay me to apply to :)

Of course of those, probably about 10% are instantly recognizeable, some more i'll probably recognize once i do some research, but a lot are small time operators doing stuff i've never heard of and/or wouldn't really be interested in doing unless i get desperate (sports games, educational stuff, second rate webgames) And some of the big name ones are just corporate headquarters that don't actually do any programing there (Squaresoft and Sega i'm pretty sure, possibly Nintendo and Namco and a few others)

Now to do a little bit of research on the companies i don't recognize right away and send emails out to ex-coworkers who work at some of those companies or might know of people who work at those companies.

Unfortunatly the place where my ashke most wants me to end up (Washington) i don't really have any contacts =/
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My ashke has left me... to go watch a couple episodes of Stargate on Tivo :) I've also gotten her into Firefly. Now all that's left is the final step of Babylon 5, and her journey to the dark side will be complete! Muhahahahaha!

Er, ahem.


Well, at least in terms of tv. I need to get her reading some Vernor Vinge or something like that. She complains that most science fiction is depressing, which i find strange because the Robin Hobb books she likes so much are just as depressing as most science fiction i read, as are some of the comics she's gotten me on to :)

Oh, in other SF/anime news i watched the first DVD of Last Exile last night, which was pretty cool.

Now i'm going to go walk to the village for a late lunch/early dinner in an attempt to help jump-start my brain.
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Went to village, and decided to experiment with Quizno's. Instead of buying a regular sub, i got a large sub and told them to wrap half of it to go. So for about $8.79 i got two six inch subs, as opposed to paying $4.99 each for two 4 inch subs. (Technically they're 4 1/2 inch subs, but i wonder if they're really cutting them like that, especially if the bread is ideally fit to the 8 inch and 12 inch sizes)

I'll see how the other half microwaves for a snack tonight or breakfast tomorrow, and it had the added bonus of being slightly less calories than the 8 inch regular size. Of course afterwards i went to the candy store and got a scoop of cappuchino crunch. but you can't have everything, right? :)
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