January 12th, 2004



Looking through programming books is good. Looking through programming books i used back in college is mostly fine.

Listening to mp3s is good.

Letting myself stumble into my old college mp3 folder while reading programming books i used back in college is just all bad, especially if i reinforce it by viewing the date stamps on the files =P
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Okay, the GBA SP is cool and all, but that's about the fifth time i've accidently hit the bloody power switch and turned the game off in the middle of whatever i was doing.

They put it on the right side right where the ball of my hand rests on the case. A couple of times i know i accidently hit the switch off, one time i just whacked the right edge slightly and the screen flickered and it reset but it was still on. I don't know if i knocked the switch but not all the way, or if the cartridge was loose or what.

Whatever the next version of the Gameboy is, they need to move the power switch, or recess it, or make it harder to switch, or something.
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