November 14th, 2003



After finishing off the Soprano Sorceress book i decided to reread "Vigilant." James Alan Gardner is awesome. There's only one of his books that i didn't love upon first reading it, and i'm thinking i should go back and give that book another chance.

"I am by far the oldest proctor in the entire Vigil. If I'm not approaching a state of Zen by now, there must be something wrong with me. Do you understand? In the normal life cycle of proctors, I'm at a point where I should be One with the universe. Or at most 1.0001. I should by asymptotic to apotheosis"

The number three reason why i don't write as much as i'd like is that i know that even if i came up with a good idea to write about i could never actually write as well as James Alan Gardner and his ilk.

James Alan Gardner's forte is writing incredibly funny "dialogue" (whether spoken outloud or a character thinking to themself) that is always apropos no matter what else is going on at the time. Things may have goen to hell in a hand basket and they're all facing iminent death, but some character will make a quip that seems totally in place. Or maybe i just feel that way because i prefer the same kind of humor myself and would say the same kinds of things if i could think of them :)

""Stick or bag?"
"Excuse me?"
"When I was a dewy-eyed novice," he said, "my mentors took the direct approach in helping me deal with my fears. Whenever I hesitated to use my link-seed, they either hit me with a stick or put a bag over my head. I hated the bag most, so that's what they usually used." He sighed dramatically. "Such barbaric days -- I swore I'd be more enlightened. By which I mean I'm giving you the choice. Stick or bag?""

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Bad body!

You're supposed to be wanting to go to sleep now! Can't just stay up all night!

Well, actually i suppose i can, but it would make watching cartoons saturday morning difficult, and i've got to keep my priosities straight.

It's all the book's fault!

*fails willpower roll*

""Humans sometimes fudge how old they are."
"And a charming foible it is," Tic answered. "Never trust a species that tells the truth about everything -- they're either stupid, arrogant, or only interested in documentaries.""

"These days, I pick up emotions everywhere. Not just from machines, but from truly inanimate things. Rocks. Trees. Running water. I can actually feel..." He stopped, shook his head. "Crazy. I anthropomorphize everything. Except people, of course. Even my poor beleagured brain can't anthropomorphize them."

"Supposedly the missiles could distinguish androids from humans, and were programmed never to juice a living target. I wished I could take a minute to talk with them... make sure the missiles knew me as a chummy good-time gal. But the cops might get the wrong idea if I asked for a chat with their ammunition."

okay, i'll stop now, i promise :)
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Damn it!

Bad good book! Not supposed to keep me up till 6am finishing you!

Okay, time for bed now, after a little bit of FFTA :)
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