November 13th, 2003



I got up just a little before noon on tuesday. It's now just after 3am thursday morning, It's been a little more than 39 hours since i last got more than an hour nap.

So why the !#%$^! aren't i tired yet?

I think i will go curl up in bed and read and see if i can fall asleep that way.

Before i do though, Shonen Jump just released some screen shots of FF12 in their latest issue. Games Are Fun has an article about it and an image of the spread.

Those who care can feel free to commence speculation now :)

I haven't actually played FF10 yet, just watched others play, but don't the two people featured look a lot like Tidus and what's her name? And there's yet another sighting of the lizzard type people like the ones from FFTA.
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Crazy weather recap

There are pictures on yahoo of the hail in LA. There were up to a foot in some areas, though i don't know if that was accumulation or drifts. Possibly a foot accumulation, cause from the pictures on yahoo and the news it looks like it might have drifted significantly higher than a foot in same areas. Several people reported that the hail was flowing down the streets like water although i'm not quite sure how that would work.

There was tons of lightning and a couple areas lost power. The rain totaled slightly over 5 inches in the heaviest hit areas, which of course flowed to low ground and got up to waist height in a lot of areas. A lot of cars stalled out, and in some places they were actually floating down the street. They had pictures on the news of one such street with cars scattered all across the street at all angles where they'd landed when the water went down.

And i missed all of it except for the lightning and some (relatively) light rain. No fake snow for me =/ No flooding either, although that wouldn't really have matterd anyways since i'm on the second floor.

I did have the foresight to park my car out in the open yesterday afternoon instead of in the covered garage area, so hopefully it should be clean now :)

More Matrix stuff

This is just too funny :)

Someone on slashdot posted a humorous list of what they were thinking while watching Matrix: Revolutions. I was going to save a copy on my computer, but figured i might as well do it here so other people can enjoy as well.

And i was thinking the _exact_ same thing about the suitcase, though i did disagree with his opinion about the music of course :)

Oh, and while reading through the comments i found a link to a mostly complete script of the movie.

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Random news stuff

This is sadly humorous. A teacher at a school in Maryland gave his students an assignment to perform a "non-conformist act." Two females in the class decided to stand on one of the tables during lunch and kiss each other. They were both suspended for two days. Apparently they were told not to do "perform illegal or inappropriate acts" in carrying out the asignment, of course telling someone to be non-conformist but not inappropriate isn't very feasible. Almost everything non-conforrmist is going to be considered inapropriate to someone. Only difference is how much they care and how much power they have to do anything about it.

Looked around and found an article about it

In other news, the US is continuing on with "Operation Iron Hammer." As best as i can tell means that if someone commits a terrorist act the army will hunt them down and beat the crap out of them. Or drop a bomb where they think they are. This is good in theory, but we're (theoretically) also trying to run a PR campaign.

Even in the best of circumstances such tactics usually don't make the populace very happy with the occupying force. And of course i hope the army is _always_ right about who they crack down on and which buildings they decide to bomb, because making even a single mistake in that regard is _definitely_ not the best circumstances. And i sure hope the codename of the operation hasn't leaked to the Iraqis, i can't imagine it would inspire very fond feelings on their part.

And the "best" part is that the news report said that the operation is intended to crack down on the insurgents who support Saddam. I hate to tell them, but being anti-US does not mean that they're pro-Saddam. Of course it fits in with the whole "us vs. them" attitude i guess.

The last bit is a news report from a few days ago about a survey showing that the kids in californian schools are horribly out of shape. One of the claims was that the schools were focusing too much on the classes and not enough on the physical fitness.

I hate to tell them, but the reason why i didn't do much in PE in jr. high and high school and opted out as soon as possible is because it sucked. The "cool" kids made sure things ranged from mildly unpleasant to outright hell, depending on how nerdy, unfit, or unpopular you were. It didn't help that PE itself was generally boring as well. Apparently they're trying to deal with that issue by providing more options like rollerblading and rock climbing, but if they don't fix the other issue somehow i'm not sure how much it will help.


Apparently they're going to start testing for steroids in baseball because anonymous testing revealed that more than 5% of the players were using them. Does that mean that at some specific point of less than 5% but greater than 0% they would have just let it slide? That would in effect make it a really bizarre tragedy of the commons :)
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