October 26th, 2003


Smells like camping

Since no one wanted to hang out, i decided to go to Borders to distract myself. There were a lot of large grity ashes on the ground that i could feel while walking to the car, and i don't know if there's that much ash everywhere, or if it's just getting kicked up more on the roads by all the cars going by, but it was a lot more snowy.than it was earlier today.

Kialyn had apparently mentioned that you could see one of the fires from Monte Vista, but i was suprised that you could see it all the way from Arrow. In fact, i think i could actually see the very top bits of it from the parking lot at the mall.

I bought the next two books in Alice Borchadt's werewolf series (almost done with the first one right now) and the fourth book in Modesitt's Soprano Soreress series (yeah yeah, i know, but at least it's a grade above your normal fantasy schlock =P)

On the way back i let my curiosity get the better of me (raise your hand if you're suprised by this startling turn of events) and decided to get some dinner/midnight snack from the del Taco on Foothill. While going up Monte Vista i could see the fire preaty clearly, but as i got closer to Foothill the angle between me and the hills started cutting it off. Once i was on Foothill you couldn't see as much, although it was quite a bit closer. It was a fairly small patch of fire from what i could tell, although there could have been more that i couldn't see behind the first row of hills.

Went to del taco, got some food, and drove back home along Foothill, but didn't see much that i hadn't seen coming the other way. Now am watching some more Stargate and eating.

I wish i could figure out something actually productive to do with my life on weekends =/
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Ha ha!

I have defeated you time! It was one o'clock an hour ago, and now it is one o'clock once again! Having demonstrated my prowess i shall now allow you to continue on your course unimpeded. (At least assuming Windows XP is smart enough not to get into an infinite daylight savings time loop when the computer is left on. Windows 95 wasn't :)
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Power flickered a lot last night over a period of several hours. Kind of suprised that it didn't go out, of course i've been trained by home where if the power flickers more than once it's likely going to go out.

Got up about noon today, and decided to go to Costco for lunch. On the way i stoped by an auto place to get a do-it-yourself kit for fixing windshield dings, and stopped by U-haul to update the insurance info they'd been complaining about.

Had lunch at Costco and looked around at stuff, but didn't find anything worth buying.

Went to the mall and preordered Mario Kart Double Dash and Fire Emblem. Then went to Hot Topic, which was kinda a mistake. I hadn't thought about the fact that it's about a week till holloween, which means that Hot Topic was packed. However they only had a couple of the Zelda and Metroid t-shirts left, and i didn't want to risk them selling out. So i wandered around pickup up more stuff while waiting for the line to shrink. Of course the line didn't shrink, at least not much, but i eventually ended up with enough stuff that i decided it was worth using one of my 15% off cards. I finally gave up on finding more stuff and got in line, ended up being about $150 before the 15% off.

Got several t-shirts, another mesh-shirt (old one has a hold in it =P) a single ring collar (some kind of pleather rather than real leather) a small present for Caithris which i hope she'll like, some of the cheap CDs, a NES joypad keychain, a small stuffed mario, and possibly a few other random things.

Went to Trader Joe's after that and picked up some balance bars and monster drinks and some chocolate covered soy nuts.

Thinking i'll probably just spend the rest of the day sitting around home not getting anything done, unless anybody local wants to change their mind at the last minute and get some free sushi (yes, my feeble attempts at bribing people are meeting with a spectacular lack of success :)
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More fire stuff

According to the news (one of) the fire has worked it's way over to northern claremont. Apparently a couple houses up on Mountain have burned down. More relevant to people i know (sithjawa) i heard something about how people in northern claremont should boil their water before drinking it or use bottled water. One time it sounded like they said this applied to people north of Foothill, but then i thought they said something about people north of Baseline. I'm not sure why people should be doing this, clearly there is some kind of bacteria they're worried about, but i'm really unsure how the fire could have caused that. So people between Foothill and Baseline (sithjawa) might want to try and find some more accurate info than second-hand half-heard news announcements.

Plumbing problems

Anyone know how to remove those pop-up/push-down stoppers in bathtubs? I've tried pushing, pulling, twsting, and everything else i can think of, but i can't get it out.

I'm thinking that if i get rid of it and replace it with one of those metal gratings it will do a better job of stopping hair from going down the drain and clogging it up, I can just use an old fashioned plug if i ever want to take a bath.

For the past several weeks the faucet in the bathroom seems to have developed multiple personalities or something. Sometimes it works normally, but sometimes turning the hot water knob gives cold water and vice versa, and sometimes i can't seem to get anything other than luke warm water out of either knob. No clue what could cause something like this.
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feeling kind of headachey and stressed. Don't really want to go to bed yet, but can't really think of anything i really want to do. Am kind of half-heartedly watching Stargate and making cup-of-noodles for dinner.
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