October 14th, 2003



This is only amusing if you've read Snow Crash recently, unfortunatly they don't mention the "speaking in tongues" bit much.
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Stupid meme

I've talked about this in other peoples' LJs already, but just for the record, whoever is running the "Crush meme" site is a real ass.

I wasn't paying attention when the quiz first came around, but i've gotten the impression that most of the people who took the quiz weren't expecting the results to be made public, at least not with their name still attached.

Taking a look at the FAQ page makes clear what i already suspected, that the guy in charge is a greedy callous bastard. I don't know if he was planing to screw everyone over from the begining (although given the setup necessary for this to work it doesn't seem unlikely) or just realized he had a potemtial goldmine after the fact and decided to take advantage of it.

I especially like the way he mocks people who feel they've been injured by his act, and encourages them to get even by paying him to reveal the data of other people.

What he's doing probably isn't illegal (although it would be interesting to see what happened if someone tried suing him for damages) but it certainly qualifies as immoral in my book.

And on the same tangent, apparenrly no one likes me, although two people used to like me :) I'm vaguely curious about who the two people are (and think of four likely candidates) but i'm certainly not going to pay that jerk to find out.

Obviously my ashke didn't take the quiz, although i certainly can't blame her since i didn't either :)

Even if i had noticed it i'm not sure if i would have taken it. At most i would have filled out her and my exs, given my paranoid streak and fear of people finding out i like them. Obviosuly my paranoid streak would have had the right idea, clearly more people need to develop some paranoia of their own.
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